Custom Product Development FAQs

How do I get started?

The first step is to send us hi res images you want to use for product development. Also send us your institution’s logo and the text to go along with each image.

What format do you need the image files to be?

Tifs or Jpegs at least 300 dpi, image size 4” minimum on smallest side.

How can I send you my image files?

1) If you have color match prints available, send them with a disk of the images.
2) Email them to us. If you have very large files, contact us for instructions to use our dropbox.

Will the color be accurate to my original?

Yes, we take great care to make sure every print run is accurate to your original color. We never go into production until all color proofs have been approved by you.

What happens after I send you my image files?

We will design the initial layouts and email them to you for review. At that point we can discuss any changes or edits that need to be made.

Is there a setup fee?

The setup fee is flexible, but depends on how many images we are proofing at one time and how complex the color correction is. In general the maximum is $50 per image, with a lower amount for doing several images at once.

Once an image is approved for color, there is no additional setup charge for future use on additional or new products.